The Project

With this project the commission of Deep -Inside he wanted to accept the alarm raised by ‘ WHO ( World Health Organization ) : the drowning youth (ages 4 to 19 years ) is the second leading cause of death in the world and half of them knew how to swim !

In support of the project by representatives of 25 nations and international testimonials as: Enzo Majorca, Umberto Pelizzari , Professor Julia Hausermann (President of Rights and Humanity ) and Ginger Gilmour (Pink Floyd ) .

The project that began in Italy came in many Educational Institutions National and involves collaboration with institutions such as the Coast Guard , Fire – Rescue Water, Reserves and Marine Parks , Universities, Medical and Scientific Organizations , Municipalities and Regions Italian .

The Board of Deep Inside deliver the banner of the ” Charter of the Rights of the Sea” to all nations , regions, municipalities and institutions that will trigger , in their territory , the training provided to obtain the flag.


rosarita-gagliardiRosarita Gagliardi

Presidente e fondatore di “Rights of the sea” – Deep Inside.

Consulente sportivo , docente scolastico.

Istruttore di Apnea Academy e di Nuoto, esperta in acquaticità neonatale e psicopedagogia del bambino, istruttore Kids as Dolphin

Operatore sportivo riconosciuto dal CONI






alessandro-vergendoAlessandro Vergendo

Counselor psico-corporeo sportivo e privato

Responsabile didattico e formazione Deep Inside

Docente Università di medicina e chirurgia di Udine Facoltà di scienze Motorie.

Istruttore Apnea Academy e Nuoto, operatore sportivo riconosciuto dal CONI.