The Ambassadors

The project has seen the appointment in 2012 of ” Ambassador of the Sea” by the international Ginger Gilmour (Pink Folyd ) and Prof. Julia Hausermann president of ” Rights and Humanity .” During the event aquatic sports ” Europe Evolution Cup ” 2012 was organized the annual conference of the project at the end of the school curriculum of the various Regional Institutes , where it was awarded the ” Flag of the Charter of the Rights of the Sea” and the appointment of new ” Ambassadors ” to support the project .

Among them are also Enzo Majorca Mallorca and Patrizia ( myths of the history of apnea ) , Umberto Pelizzari ( multiple world champion of apnea and conductor Mediaset ) , Herbert Nitsch ( man no limits deepest in the world ) and all the boys who have completed the training referred to the project in the schools and to which the Board has handed the coveted honors .

A huge thanks to these ” Star of the Sea” who immediately understood and supported the project “The Sea in the Eyes of the Child and boy ” strongly desired by Rosarita Gagliardi and Alessandro Vergendo.