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emotional intelligence

self-protection and safety

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education in schools

the sea in the eyes of the child and the boy

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our future depends on our actions

knowledge, disseminate and training

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our future depends on the sea

environment protection

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the future of our planet

the future of our children

The Project

With this project the commission of Deep -Inside he wanted to accept the alarm raised by ‘ WHO ( World Health Organization ) : the drowning youth (ages 4 to 19 years ) is the second leading cause of death... Continue

The flag

It ‘a strong signal of intent in the preservation of our heritage land and the other face is the education of children and young people to recognize the signs of your body... Continue

The ambassadors

The project "The Sea in the Eyes of the Child and boy" is strongly supported by Ginger Gilmour, Julia Hausermann, Enzo e Patrizia Maiorca, Umberto Pelizzari... Continue

Education & Starting Project

Want to know who can register the project? How to enable the project in your city? Want to know the location of training? ... Continue

Help us bring this Project to other schools and institutes in Italy and abroad.